The stupid, wrong and dangerous philosopher Gert Scobel

On October 12th, 2023 there was a program on television (3Sat) by and with the philosopher Gerd Scobel under the title:

scobel – Emergence: The hidden principle of life

The whole is more than the sum of its parts: There is still no explanation for the principle of emergent systems such as consciousness or swarm behavior, even if it can be easily described.

The following was written in the program note on the Internet, among other things:

Surprisingly complex and new properties ..
We encounter this remarkable phenomenon almost everywhere in nature: ...
The emergence principle ..
We are also surrounded by emergent systems in society and the economy: ...
Science and this fundamental principle of life ..
Will we ever be able to fully decipher it? Why is it so important if we want to change something?

Gert Scobel discusses this with the following guests:

Viola Priesemann, physicist and professor...
Achim Stephan, philosopher, professor of philosophy of cognition ...
Stefan Thurner, physicist and complexity researcher, professor for the science of complex systems...

My statement
Scobel refers to "this fundamental principle of life" and that it will be discussed with the guests mentioned. In the discussion there is no longer any mention of a principle of life! Instead, there is a lot of babbling with no result, unless the findings of the "experts in the group" (the aforementioned guests) about what they think you know or don't know are called the results. So a pure self-staging by Gert Scobel and his colleagues from “official science” in the “round of experts”, i.e. “in the company of adepts” (Goethe in Faust). This sort of thing will hardly be of any interest to those paying television fees. But since the fees were collected under state and government pressure, they now have to be "spent" and this is where the babbling of the philosopher Gert Scobel, for example, comes in handy.

Scobel points to a hidden principle of life in the title and then mysteriously refers to its meaning, "Why is it so important if we want to change something?" (See: scobel - Emergence: The Hidden Principle of Life, and in the paragraph: "Science and this fundamental principle of life Will we ever be able to fully decipher it? Why is it so important if we want to change something?").

But then there is no longer any talk of a “principle of life” or the “importance if we want to change something”! Scobel has probably read something about it and just doesn't know how to post it without naming the author.

Lying and deceit by Gert Scobel
Scobel presents the principle of life here as something previously undiscovered. The principle of life was discovered by me in 2004 and published in spring 2005 under the name The Principle of All Life (later also referred to as The Basic Law of All Life, see has been published.

Elite and Scobel too stupid or too wrong and corrupt (arrogant, ignorant, bad)
The fact that official science has not reported on the principle of all life or has not dealt with it - at least not publicly - shows either how stupid (stupid stands for: not recognizing or not understanding the connection) official science is or how corrupt the official elite is.
It doesn't bother them that they - the official elite - are committing crimes with it. In this respect, today's official elite is no different from the stooge elite in Germany around 85 years ago. The crimes are that the best knowledge is withheld from people or even forbidden to tell them! Goethe already stated this and commented on it in his Faust as follows: "The best thing you can know, you can't tell the boys."

Gert Scobel - charlatan and good-for-nothing
Scobel acts and presents himself as being above all science. He chats along everywhere, even and especially where he knows nothing. He means to say that he judges what is known, discovered or researched, or not, as if his "philosophical knowledge" stood above everything else. He has little or no knowledge of the basics of natural science and is therefore someone who has contributed nothing to the knowledge of this world other than having picked up some knowledge and doing something important with it!

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Dietmar West





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